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Santa Monica Beach Walking Day 14-May-17
* Las Vegas ITEA Trip 08-May-17 *
Flight from Edwards AFB to Santa Monica 14-Apr-17
Colorado Springs Dec-16
Life in Santa Monica 2017
Life in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Harvard Listings
Santa Monica - Venice Beach 21-Aug-16
Flight to Big Bear 07-Jul-16
Thunder On The Lot 12-Jun-16
Memorial Day Weekend at the beach - Pt. Mugu (5) 25-May-16
Apex Protection Project Webpage - Photos 21-May-16
Edwards AFB 1st Annual Exotic Car Show 14-May-16
Easter Weekend at the beach - Pt. Mugu (4) 27-Mar-16
Greg racing at WSIR 10-Oct-15
Jack on BMW S1000RR at WSIR 13-Sep-15
Teresa's 40th Birthday Party 05-Sep-15
ENI Group at Pt. Mugu (3) 27-Aug-15
Blackbird Airpark 02-May-15
Historic Motorcycle Racing at WSIR 26-Apr-15
Exotic Feline Breeding Compound Twilight Tour 25-Apr-15
Poppy Festival 19-Apr-15
Plane Crazy at Mojave Airport 18-Apr-15
Easter Weekend at the beach - Pt. Mugu (2) 05-Apr-15
AngelesCrest Highway ride 15-Mar-15
Top Gun Motorcycle Training 15-Feb-15
Thanksgiving at Pt. Mugu (1) 2014
Seagulls movie (5.2MB .mov)
MTA Bus Roadeo 18-Oct-14
Wine Tasting at High Desert Cellars 27-Sep-14
Spitfire at Edwards AFB 19-Sep-14
WSIR Skid Plate Racing movie (5MB .mov)
Danny's Visit to SoCal May-14
Venice Beach 06-Apr-14
David's Retirement Ceremony 30-Jan-14
Rosamond Sky Park to Fox Field Flight 02-Jan-14
Monterey and Hollywood trip 13-Dec-13
Moldy Marvin's Rat Fink Show 30-Jul-11
Coast Starlight to Monterey 17-Jul-10
Train trip to South Carolina Dec 2007
Sooner Powerplant Tour 06-May-2006

Super Car Sunday 28 26-Jun-16
Super Car Sunday 27 24-Jan-16
Super Car Sunday 26 05-Oct-14
Super Car Sunday 25 04-May-14
Super Car Sunday 24 06-Apr-14
Super Car Sunday 23 09-Mar-14
Super Car Sunday 22 19-Jan-14
Super Car Sunday 21 05-Jan-14
Super Car Sunday 20 03-Nov-13
Super Car Sunday 19 27-Oct-13
Super Car Sunday - PCH - Angeles National Forest

20151010 Winfields 8th Annual Show
20141011 Winfields 7th Annual Show
20131012 Winfields 6th Annual Show
20121013 Winfields 5th Annual Show
20111015 Winfields 4th Annual Show
20101023 Winfields 3rd Annual Show
20100628 Winfields Shop visit with Robert Herman

NASCAR 22-Mar-2015
IZOD Indy Cars 30-Aug-14
NASCAR 21-Mar-2014
NHRA Winter Nationals 08-Feb-2014
Huntington Beach Veterans Day Car Show 11-Nov-13
JSF Family Day Car Show 26-Oct-13
Tehachapi Drive 20-Oct-13
IZOD Indy Cars 19-Oct-13
KIA Timing Belt 13-Oct-13
NASCAR 22-Mar-2013
JSF Family Day 01-Oct-10
1957 Nomad
1982 Blue Bird Wanderlodge "B Bird" (2014 photos)
1982 Blue Bird Wanderlodge "B Bird" (2015 through Present photos)
1982 Blue Bird Wanderlodge - prepurchase
1985 Honda Elite scooter (11-May-15)
1985 Corvette
2000 Suzuki Hayabusa (25-Jun-15)
1989 Callaway
Trip on Amtrak to pick up Yvette Dec 2010
1989 Callaway Turbo / Clutch Disassembly
1989 Callaway Turbo / Clutch Assembly

EAFB Flight Test Museum, B-52 60585

Robert "Herman" RIP August 2015

Stay Hungry - Steve Jobs
How Much Is Enough
Minimalism I - Jack

Rare Earth - Get Ready

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